Thursday, April 23, 2015


Depression reminds me of monsters, as a child I feared lurked underneath my bed
All the nights lying under the covers, fears dancing around in my head.
But now that I'm older I'm afraid that instead they are locked in my mind
Crouching in every corner, stealing all of the happiness they can find
Making my heart grow fearful and distant from the ones I hold dear,
Because unlike when I was little, there's no one to turn on the light, tell them to disappear.
Instead, I am the only one to get rid of them and tell them they're not welcome to stay
I am the one to turn on the light and tell them to just go away
Some days I feel stronger, like one word could make them all flea
Yet other days I feel like a terrified child and accept that they just won't leave
So maybe tomorrow I'll fight harder and maybe feel a bit stronger too
But as for today, I wish the monsters would go away and never come visit you.

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